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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many people are in a team?  

A team can consist of two to four people and you will share the step count between all the group members.


How long will it take to walk 21,081 steps?

One person should take around 3 - 3½ hours.

Two people should be able to complete the steps in 1 ½  - 2 hours.

Three people in 1 - 1 ½ hour.

Four people in 30  - 45 minutes. 

Those members within a team may split the 21,081 steps between their group members. When submitting pictures of your pedometers or step counters to, please make sure to include your group name.


What app can I use to record my steps? 

Most smartphones have a step counter but you can download free apps from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store such as Pedometer.


Do all members of my team need to walk together? 

No, just on the same day and your combined steps must reach at least 21,081 steps.


How do I create a support fundraising campaign?

Please see the information below on how to donate on Go Get Funding.


How do I create awareness? 

You could make a short video, or post on social media sites, a poster at your school, or talk at your workplace -- the ideas are endless! Share your results with us and help shatter the stigma and shame surrounding mental illness.


Where do I send our screenshots, steps, and photos? 

Please send your screenshots/photos of steps and times to

Who is eligible to receive a STEP UP mask?

We only ship masks and trophies domestically within Japan. Thank you for your understanding.



Go Get Funding Donation/Fundraising Information:


In the meantime, to prevent us from missing out on valuable donations and keep you in the running for the fundraising cup, your supporters can make donations in the following way:


1) Visit TELL’s official STEP UP 2021 Fundraising website at Go Get Funding.


2) Click the orange ‘Create support campaign’. See Photo A for the button location.

*Please note: Timothy Langley is the campaign manager for TELL’s STEP UP 2021 event. Go Get Funding recommends we list a TELL event manager so his name or TELL Japan may appear throughout the page. 


3. Fill in your fundraising information under the ‘Get Started’, ‘Add Some Details’, and 'Enhance and Tweak’ headings. You can choose to either copy TELL’s STEP UP 2021 details or fill in your own fundraising information. 

                                                                           Photo A

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Now that you have registered your fundraising campaign and read our FAQ, get ready for #STEPUP time! Pick your date with your teammates, divide the 21,081 steps, and get steppin’. We are always available for any questions or feedback you may have, and are so excited to see the TELL community come together as never before for World Suicide Prevention Day and World Mental Health Day. 


Please also spread the word, and encourage as many people to participate or donate as we can using the following tags: #STEPUP2021  @telljapan


Click here to download the STEP UP Challenge A4 flyer in English and 日本語.