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Tokyo Tower Climb Schedule

Quick Event Facts

The Tokyo Tower climb is 600 steps. The current climbing record is 2 minutes and 6 seconds. The average walking time to the observatory is 18 minutes.

Team times and winners will be announced on October 14, 2022.

On The Day of Tokyo Tower Climb:

Day 1 and Day 2 Schedule:

Times may change due to demand on Climber Class; final time assignments will be published in the info pack sent to registrants three days before the race.


Registration opens, pick up race packs and sign waiver


Elite Class Climbers wave start


Fast Class Climbers wave start


Regular Climbers wave start


(Day 2) Community Team Climbers wave start


(Day 2) School Team Climbers wave start


(Day 2) Family Team Climbers wave start


Closing remarks

All of the above takes place on the roof of the Tokyo Foot Town Building; directions will be posted from the main entrance outside of Tokyo Tower.

A few important points to note are as follows:

  • Upon registering you will be asked your 5km run time. This will determine the class you are placed in. If you do not know you will be placed in the Regular Climbers class.

  • Please ensure you arrive around 30 min prior to your scheduled wave time to allow time for race pack collection at the registration tent and assembly into the pre-race area.

  • Event towels collect from the Registration tent with your race pack.

  • There is a bag drop for your belongings.

  • No change room facilities are available.

  • Toilets will be available.

The stairwells – what to expect

While participants will be released in staggered starts there may be some congestion at times.  Here are some basic guidelines to follow during your climb:

  • Keep to the inside rails, overtake on the outside/ wide side.

  • Water stations will be at the top and bottom

  • Dispose of water cups in the bins provided.

  • Make your way back down to ground level as soon as you are able, to avoid congestion at the Main Observatory.

  • Start slowly and build up over the journey.

Completing your climb

We appreciate you’ll be tired after your climb and need some recovery time at the Main Observatory. Please do take your time, enjoy the view, take pictures, and get a selfie! When you’re ready to descend, please be aware of congestion and be prepared to descend on staircase two. It takes about five minutes to descend. 

Getting your time

Climbers will be able to find out their race time by heading over to the Certification area on the roof of Foot Town at the base of Tokyo Tower. Climb certificates will be issued here.

Event photos

Official event photos will be taken (in the stairwell and at the finish line) and posted on Facebook in the days following.


Family and friends can wait for participants on the roof of Foot Town Building; we will have a chill-out area set up.  Doors will open at 7 am. 


Team times and winners will be announced on October 14, 2022. 



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