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よくある質問 (FAQ)

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Ratko Backo


Ratko Backo is an artist, designer, and businessman based in Tokyo and London. He is a graduate of Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design, London (now UAL Central Saint Martin’s), and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts London. Ratko has worked with many international fashion brands and is a long-term resident of Shinjuku central Tokyo where his studio, ‘Spellbound’ is also located.


Recent solo exhibition in Tokyo ‘NOX-LUX’ at Gallery ANB Tokyo (November 2022).

Ratko Backo

About the donated painting:

Inspired by the life and the death of a 16-century Italian female painter whose brilliance shone as bright as the great masters of her time – all of whom were men. The painter’s life was cut-short under mysterious circumstances. The title ‘A Mist Era I’ is an anagram of ‘Artemesia’, the painter’s name, and suggests that an Era was missed due to her death. The figure in the painting is suspended and it’s not clear whether she is alive or dead.

Today – the painting is more than just about the death of an artist and a missed era. It’s
symbolic and represents a deep and often lonely segment of the human psyche, that state of suspension – whether it's aloneness
, helplessness, life, sleep, or death.

The painting: use of Gold (Gold leaf).

About 70% of the painting is Gold. This is a very high grade 22 carat (gold purity) from Japan. As an artist – I like using gold in my paintings as the painting changes throughout the day as the light changes – it constantly catches your attention as it changes from soft morning light to the last blast of the sun at sunset (add a spotlight and it becomes dramatic).

'A MIST ERA 2020' by Ratko Backo spot light (1).jpg

Painting by Ratko Backo
Title: ‘A MIST ERA. 1’
Painted in 2020
Size: 117cm x 91cm
Materials: Oil paint on canvas and 22-carat gold

Value: JPY 2,000,000

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