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Community Cup

What is the Community Cup?


The Community Cup is a team event allowing community supporters to challenge each other in three categories: total steps, fundraising, and building awareness about mental health in the community. 


The STEP UP Challenge is a chance to up your game physically and creatively: we want to “walk the walk” to honor the lives lost to suicide in Japan. Helping people feel comfortable talking about mental health is crucial in the fight against suicide and the stigma that prevents people from accessing services and supports.

How to Compete

There are incentives for being the winner of either category, where your efforts will be announced on our website and social media sites, in addition to a trophy allowing you and your team official bragging rights!

  1. Register your team on this website by clicking here. A team consists of four people and your team distance will be calculated as the total number of steps for the four-team members in one 24 hour period. 

  2. You have from September 10th until October 10th to complete your walk. 

  3. You must reach a minimum of 21,081 steps to be eligible for the Corporate Cup. The more steps your team logs, the better your chances of taking home the trophy. If you have a team member who will be participating in a different way, e.g. using a wheelchair, let us know upon registration how you’ll be interpreting and tracking the challenge. 

  4. You can use any step tracking app, smartwatch, or fitness band that displays the step total and date. You'll send us screenshots or photos of each team member's steps with the date. Example:  Pedometer - step counter is one free option on Google Play that lists the steps and the date.

  5. There is also a trophy for the most awareness created. We want you to bring your creative powers and passion for spreading awareness through any means that speak to you. ​

Here are some suggestions for creating awareness:

  • A community mural

  • Setting a target of people to call, check in on, and share TELL provided information on how to take care of your mental health right now

  • Using social media for campaigns such as “Mental Health Monday”



Fundraising for teams is done through the online platform Go Get Funding. It’s super quick and easy. Please follow this link to set up your team and share, share, share!


Entry Fee

The entry fee for this category is ¥6,000 per team of 4.  A team consists of 4 people and your team steps will be calculated as the total of the 4 members. If you have more than one team, the totals will be calculated for each team separately.


Individuals are also welcome to register; the entry fee for solo walkers is ¥1,500.

Once you have registered on our website, one of our team members will be in touch.

Why Enter the Community Cup?

Have the virtual happy hours been getting old? Tired of being stuck at home?


Your STEP UP Community Cup experience will include:


  • Team photo

  • Community logo on the event website

  • A chance to compete and beat friends, rivals, competitors, or clients!

  • Trophies for the champions

  • A Step Up mask for the first 500 participants


Where Will Your Money Go?

TELL, is an accredited not-for-profit organization (NPO) with a 48-year history serving the international and Japanese community in Japan, operates a telephone Lifeline, as well as confidential mental health support and counseling services. TELL Lifeline received 7,977 calls/chats last year from all over Japan, of which roughly 50% come from Japanese citizens and 50% from non-Japanese people living in Japan.


TELL is aiming to increase our coverage of chat and phone crisis support to the community. Your fundraising efforts will be used to help train Lifeline Support Workers, launch and grow our online chat service, and expand our volunteer base and services to people all over Japan.

Again, this year, every person and every country is faced with the ongoing challenges of COVID-19 and the many losses we have all experienced. The Lifeline, Chat and TELL resources have become critical and needed now more than ever. Will you join us in our quest for zero suicides and help shatter the stigma around mental health?  ​

2020 Step Up Community Cup Winners

On behalf of the TELL board and staff, we would like to thank all of you for your support. Here are last year's Step Up Community Cup winners: ​

Moms in Balance

Over 190,000 steps!

Moms in Balance

A week-long Facebook campaign

Ian Gronow

$125 fundraised

Connect with TELL

Have a question?: Email TELL at event@telljp.com    |   Sponsorship/Corporate Inquiries: development@telljp.com

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