TELL is excited about the beginning of a new decade when there is so much potential to continue the momentum for women’s rights, equality, inclusion, diversity, and love; love for yourself, for your community, and for all of those who want to break the cycle and the stigma of suicide and depression in 2020.


On March 13th, we invite you to come on the eve of White Day, and the week of International Women’s Day, to enjoy the best wines while celebrating and showing love for each and every individual in our community that has made this progress possible. And if you are not someone who drinks wine, there will be many other fantastic items to bid on throughout the night. We are grateful for the support of our generous and committed partners who have made this evening possible. 

With keynote speaker Mai Madigan, telling her powerful story about change, and a live performance by Maria Seiren, you're sure to have an enchanting evening out at the luxurious  Happo-En.


When: March 13th, 2020

Time: 18:00 - 22:00

Where: 〒108-8631 東京都港区白金台1-1-1

108-8631, JAPAN

keynote speaker

Mai Madigan

performance by

Maria Seiren
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