About TELL

Annually, more than 21,000 people in Japan lose their lives to suicide.
Every day that is 57 people and 1,500 attempts. At TELL we believe Zero Suicides are possible.

TELL is a multifaceted, nonprofit organization that has been serving Japan’s international community since 1973. We offer free, anonymous and confidential telephone counseling and information, professional face-to-face counseling and an extensive outreach program.

The inspiration for TELL’s founding came from Inochi-no-denwa, the Japanese-language suicide prevention line. The research into the need for a similar English-language service and the work to make a start up possible fell mostly to missionaries and members of the various English-speaking congregations in Tokyo. The first training (of some 50 volunteers with just 7 trainers) took place in 1972 with TELL taking its first call on April 1st 1973.


TELL is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing world-class, effective support and counseling services to Japan’s international community as well as helping to address the country’s growing mental health care needs.


TELL will be a leader in services and education, practicing state-of-the-art standards of care in the field of mental health.

We will:

  • Create a vibrant, sustainable organization

  • Foster growth and development of all staff and stakeholders

  • Embrace diversity with compassion and respect

  • Communicate with outside organizations to bring value and talent into TELL

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